The Eighth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on
General Relativity
22-27 June 1997
The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

MG8 - Parallel Sessions - Tuesday, June 24

EXACT SOLUTION I      (Popick Hall - 2nd fl.)
	Chairman: I. Robinson

14:00 	Rainer and Stephani
      	Similarity Reduction for Algebraically Special Perfect Fluids
14:20 	Wilson
      	Point Symmetries of the Field Equations for Type III Spaces With at Least One Killing Vector
14:40 	Bivcak and Podolsky
      	Robinson-Trautman Spacetimes With Cosmological Constant
      	Levinka, Zovka and Bivcak  
      	Relativistic Disks as Sources of Kerr-Newman Fields
15:00 	Drake Tuvolla
      	Application of Newman-Janis in Obtaining Interior Solutions of the Kerr Metric
15:20 	Sokolowski
      	Multidimensional Gravitational Waves: the Case of a Spacelike Dilaton Field
15:40 	Barrabas, Bressang and Hogan
      	Abrupt Changes in the Multipole Moments of a Gravitating Body

16:00 	Coffee Break

16:20 	Klein and Richter
      	Stationary Axisymmetric Dust Disks and Hyperelliptic Riemann Surfaces
16:40 	Marklund, Fodor and Perjes
      	Non-Holonomic Approach To Rotating Matter in General Relativity
      	Marklund and Bradley
      	Construction of LRS Perfect Fluids in Terms of Invariant Objects
17:00 	Neugebauer, Kleinwachter and Meinel
      	Relativistically Rotating Disks of Dust
17:20 	Kramer and von der Gonna
      	Exterior Field of a Rotating and Radiating Source
17:40 	Andersson, Edgar, Hoglund and Bergqvist
     	Lanczos Potential for the Weyl Tensor
18:00	S. Filippi and R. Ruffini
	Toroidal Solutions to the Problem of Inhomogeneous Rotating Gravitational Systems

HAIRY BH        (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 213)
	Chairman: D.Maison
14:00 	Maison
      	Short Introduction
14:20 	Brodbeck and Straumann
     	Zero Modes of the Dirac Operator for Regular Einstein-Yang-Mills Background Fields
14:40 	Gal'tsov, Donets and Zotov
      	On Singularities Inside Hairy Black Holes
15:00 	Sood, Kleihaus and Kunz
      	Limiting Solutions of Sequences of Globally Regular and Black Hole Solutions in SU(N)-EYMD Theories
15:20 	Kleihaus and Kunz
      	Static Regular and Black Hole Solutions With Axial Symmetry in EYM and EYMD Theory
15:40 	Volkov
      	Slowly Rotating Non-Abelian Black Holes

16:00 	Coffee Break

16:20 	Heusler
      	Mass Formula for a Class of Stationary Black Holes
16:40 	Ashbourn-Chamblin, Chamblin, Emparan and Sornborger
      	Can Extreme Black Holes Have (Long) Abelian Higgs Hair ?
17:00 	Sudarsky and Zannias
      	No Scalar Hair for Spherical Black Holes
17:20 	Zannias
      	On Stationary Black Holes of the Einstein Conformally-Invariant Scalar System
17:40 	Torii, Tamaki and Maeda
      	Non-Abelian Black Holes in Brans-Dicke Theory
18:00	Aichelburg and Lechner
      	Sigma Model on DeSitter Space

CHAOS IN GR      (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room  28)
	Chairman: V.Gurzadyan

14:00 	N. Cornish           
      	Fractals and Topology as Invariant Measures of Chaos in GR
14:20 	T.Tsuchiya, N.Gouda,  T.Konishi        
      	Relaxations and Long Time Evolutions of 1D N-Body Systems
14:40 	S.Suzuki, K.Maeda
      	Chaos in Schwarzschild and Kerr Singularities
15:00 	V.G.Gurzadyan  
      	Chaos in Cosmology and GR: Some Selected Issues
15:20 	V.Belinski, A.Kirillov,G.Montani      
      	On the Turbulence Near Cosmological Singularity
15:40 	J. Levin
      	Mixmaster Universe is Chaotic

15:55 	Coffee Break

16:15 	G. Montani and A.Kirillov
      	Description of Stochastic Properties of Mixmaster Model
16:35 	I.D. Soares
      	Chaos in Anisotropic Pre-Inflationary Universes
16:50 	H.P. de Oliveira
      	Chaotic FRW Inflationary Universes
17:05 	R. Tomaschitz
     	Chaos in Galactic Dynamics and Topological Evolution in Cosmology
17:20 	A. A. El-Zant
      	N-Body Chaos
17:35 	A. M. Selvam
      	Chaos and Quantumlike Mechanics
17:50 	G. Montani and R. Zalaletdinov
      	Perturbation Theory in Macroscopic Gravity
18:05 	S. E. Rugh
      	Chaos in Fundamental Interactions: Yang-Mills and Gravitational Fields

NUMERICAL RELATIVITY I	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 27)
	Chairman: J.-A.Marck

14:00 	N. Alcubierre and J. Masseo
      	Coordinate Shocks in NRS
	Brandt, P. Walker and P. Anninos
      	New Coordinate System for the Axisymmetric BH Collision
      	G. Allen
      	Test Problems in 3D Adaptive Mesh Refinement
14:35	E. Flanagan and S. Teukolsky
     	Instabilities in ADM Evolution Equations on a Schwarzschild Background
14:55 	M. van Putten
      	Nonlinear Wave Equations for NR
15:15 	J. A. Font and J. Masseo
     	A 1D Sover for the Einstein Field Equations
      	S. Brandt and J. A. Font
      	the BH Plus Matter Problem in Axisymmetry

15:40 	Coffee Break

16:00 	S. Brandt
     	BH Punctures as initial data for General Relativity
      	K. Camarda, S. Brandt and E. Seidel
      	the Non-Axisymmetric Brill Wave Plus BH Problem
16:25 	H.P. Nollert
     	GR From Colliding BH: the Close Limit Approximation
16:45 	H. Shinkai et al.
      	Newtonian and Post-Newtonian Binary Neutron Star Mergers
17:05 	W. Barreto
      	Evolution of Radiating, Viscous And Self-Similars Balls
17:25 	L. Burko
      	Free Evolution of Nonlinear Scalar Field Collapse in Double-Null
17:45 	J. Novak
      	Gravitational Collapse of Neutron Stars in Tensor-Scalar Theory of Gravity
18:05 	J. A. Marck
      	Summary of the Session
18:20 	End of session

GW INTERFEROMETERS	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 26)
	Chairman: R. Spero

14:00 	Bilenko
     	Measurements of the Excess Noise in the Test Mass Suspensions for the Gravitational Wave Antennas
14:15 	Brillet
      	No Title Supplied
14:30 	Camp
     	Calculation of Coupling of Laser Light Noise to Gravitational Wave Noise in LIGO
14:45 	Drever
      	Developments in Some New Experimental Concepts for Laser
15:00 	Fujimoto
      	the TAMA Project - A Status Report
15:15 	Ju
      	Sapphire Test Masses for Gravitational Wave Detectors - Design for High Q Suspension and Optical  
15:30 	Kulagin
      	Thermal Noises of Mirrors Suspensions With Elastic Fixing in Laser Gravitational Antenna
15:45 	Gammaitoni
     	Thermal Noise Limit to the VIRGO Sensitivity

16:00 	Coffee Break

16:20 	Milyukov 
      	Results of Joint Analysis of Baksan Interferometer and BATSE Data
16:35 	Petrovichev      
     	Tolerance of Michelson and Sagnac-Based Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors to Mirror Tilt 
	and Curvature Errors
16:50 	Plissi
      	Design of Suspension System  for GEO-600
17:05 	Richman
      	Progress on Low-Frequency Active Vibration Isolation
17:20 	Saulson
      	An Interferometer as a Parametric Transducer
17:35	Takahashi
      	Performance of Vibration Isolation Stack for TAMA300
17:50	Winterflood
      	Ultra-Low Frequency Pre-Isolation in Three Dimensions
18:05 	Yacob
      	Detection of Gravitational Waves by Interference Experiment
18:20 	Zhao
      	8M Suspended Power Recycling Interferometer With in Line Mode Cleaner

EXPERIMENTAL TESTS	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 29) 
	Chairman: C. Will

14:00 	C. M. Will
     	Introduction and Remarks on Robert H. Dicke 
14:10 	A. Schumacher and H. Meyer
     	Determination of the Gravitational Constant G Using a Fabry-Perot Pendulum
14:25 	F. Nolting, J. Schurr and W. Kundig
      	A New Experiment to Measure G by Means of a Beam Balance  
14:40 	R. Newman and M. Bantel
      	Preparation for a New Measurement of G  
14:55 	A. Arnsek and A. Cadez
      	A New Inverse Square Law Test
15:05 	R. Cowsik, N. Krishnan and C. Unnikrishnan
      	the TIFR Equivalence Principle Experiment
15:20 	C. Alvarez and R. B. Mann
      	Anomalous Magnetic Moments as a Test of the Equivalence Principle
15:35 	C. Lammerzahl
      	Quantum Tests of Einstein's Equivalence Principle
15:50 	A. Nobili
      	"Galileo Galilei" (GG) Test of the Equivalence Principle in Space and on the Ground

16:05 	Coffee Break

16:25 	K. Nordtvedt and R. Vessot
      	The Clock(s)-to-the-Sun Mission: A New Look
16:40 	S. Klioner and M. Soffel
      	A Theory of Local Reference Systems with PPN Parameters
16:55 	H. Paik, E. Canavan and M. Moody
      	Search for Axions Using a Superconducting Differential Angular Accelerometer
17:10 	C. Lammerzahl and C J. Borde
     	Influence of the Gravitational Field on the Beam Splitting Process in Atom Interferometry
17:20 	C. Unnikrishnan
      	Possibility of Observing the Gravitational Analogue of the Scalar Aharonov-Bohm Effect in Atom  
17:30 	B. Lange
      	Techniques for A High-Precision Frame-Dragging Measurement Using an Unsupported Gyroscope in a Drag-
	Free Satellite
17:35 	S. Mohanty
      	Geodesic Deviation of Photons in Einstein and Higher Derivative Gravity
17:40 	I. Quiros
      	Gravitational Redshift Revisited and the Schwarzschild Black Hole

TIME IN QUANTUM GRAVITY       (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room  214)
	Chairman: G. Horwitz

14:00 	C. Rovelli 
     	Is There A Notion of Time Which Makes Sense in General Relativity as Well as Quantum Theory ?
14:30 	R. Parentani

15:00 	A. Massaroti and A. Chakrovorty
      	Covariant Introduction of the Planck Length in the Path Integral Formulation of Field Theory
15:20 	G. Preparata
      	On the Ground State of Quantum Gravity

15:50 	Coffee Break

16:10 	D. Finkelstein and T. Zhong
      	Time in Computational Space-Times
16:40 	A. Carlini, H. Ishihara, K. Nakamura and T. Okamura
      	the Evolution Operator for Quantum Gravity: Minisuperspace, Signature Change and Planck's Constant
16:55 	S. N. Mayburov
      	Quantum Space-Time and Quantum Reference Frames
17:10 	V. Dzhunushaliev
      	Kolmogorov Algorithmic Complexity and its Probability Interpretation in Quantum Gravity
17:35 	A. Burinskii
     	Spinning Particle Lives in Complex Supertime
17:50 	H. J. Schmidt
      	Generalized Mechanics With lapse
18:05 	N. Yamada
      	Continuous Consistent  Histories and the Tunneling Time Problem 
18:20 	S. Weinstein
      	Gauge and Time in Canonical Gravity

CASIMIR EFFECT	   (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 102)
	Chairman: V. Mostepanko

14:00 	E. Elizalde
      	Nontrivial Casimir Effect Results Obtained by Means of Zeta Function Regularization
14:15 	M. Bordag, K. Kirsten and E. Elizalde
      	New Results on the Casimir Effect for Massive Fields
14:30 	G. Bressi, G. Carugno, D. Corti and R. Onofrio
     	the Casimiro Experiment: Dynamical Detection of Casimir Forces
14:45 	R. Cowsik, B. P. Das, N. Krishnan, G. Rajalakshmi, D. Suresh and C. S.  Unnikrishnan
      	High Sensitivity Measurement of the Casimir Force and Observability of Finite Temperature Effects
15:00 	N.G. Phillips
      	Vacuum Fluctuations of the Quantum Stress Tensor Via the Generalized Zeta Function
15:15 	G.L. Klimchitskaya
      	Casimir Effect and New Constraints on the Parameters of Long-Range Interactions
15:30 	A. A. Bytsenko, G. Cognola and S. Zerbini
      	Casimir Effect for Quantum Fields in Hyperbolic Space-Times With Finite Spatial Volume
15:45 	V. M. Mostepanenko
      	Casimir Effect in Gravitational Theory

16:00 	Coffee Break

16:20 	U. H. Gerlach
      	Paired Accelerated Frames and Diffractive Scattering
16:35	A. N. Aliev
     	Effects of Vacuum Polarization in the Space-Time of Multiple Cosmic Strings
16:40 	C. S. Unnikrishnan
     	Is Sonoluminescence Due to Dynamical Casimir Effect?
16:45	K. Bormann
     	Casimir Effect in Schwarzschild Geometry
16:50 	A. N. Aliev and N. Ozdemir
      	Semiclassical Metric Perturbations Around Multiple Cosmic Strings

QUANTUM COSMOLOGY	(Popick Bldg. - 1st fl.) 
	Chairman: A. Starobinsky

14:00 	A. Starobinsky
      	Brief Review of Submitted Abstracts
14:10 	A. D. Linde
      	Stochastic Approach to Inflation and the Wave Function of the Universe
14:30 	A. Starobinsky
      	Quantum-to-Classical Transition and Quantum Jumps of Inflationary And Post-Inflationary Universes
14:50 	J. Halliwell
      	Decoherent Histories of Coupled Classical and Quantum Variables: A New Approach to the Back Reaction 
15:10 	T. Shiromizu, M. Yamaguchi, F. Shibata and M. Morikawa
      	Quantum Tunneling of the Universe With Particle Creation - Quantum Potential Approach
15:30	T. Okamura
      	On Divergence of Decoherence Factor by Fermions in Quantum Cosmology
15:35	A.Feinstein and M. A. P. Sebastian
      	the Origin of Entropy in the Universe
15:40 	G. Esposito and A. Yu. Kamenshchik
      	New Results in One-Loop Cosmology

16:00 	Coffee Break

16:20 	I. M. Khalatnikov, A. Yu. Kamenshchik and A. V. Toporensky
      	Complex Inflaton Field in Quantum Cosmology
16:40 	A. A. Kirillov
     	Quantum Inhomogeneous Mixmaster Model and the Origin of the Early Universe
16:50 	V. TS. Gurovich
      	Quantum Evolution of a Closed Friedmann Universe With Bouncing Off
17:00 	V. A. de Lorenci, J. Martin, N. Pinto-Neto and I. D. Soares
      	Topology Change in Canonical Quantum Cosmology
17:05 	L. O. Pimentel and C. E. Mora
      	Quantum Cosmology  for Some Scalar-Tensor Theories
17:10 	E. I. Guendelman and A. B. Kaganovich
      	Inflation-Compactification as a Quantum Effect
17:30	A. Zhuk
      	Anisotropic Scalar Field Cosmology
17:35  	O. Bertolani, P.D. Fonseca, P.V. Moniz
      	Multidimensional Quantum Cosmology
17:40  	A. Yu. Kamenshchik, S.L. Lyakhovich 
       	Hamiltonian Quantization of Closed Cosmological Models
17:45 	V.N. Pervushin
      	Description of Friedmann Observables in Quantum Universe
17:50 	Embacher  F. Embacher
      	the Old Frequency Decomposition Problem in the Light of New Quantization Methods
17:55 	P. V.  Moniz
      	Can We Obtain Conserved Currents in Sypersymmetric Quantum Cosmology ?
18:15 	O. Bertolani and P. V. Moniz
      	Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and the Emergence of Classical Space-Time
18:20 	A. Macas, E. W. Mielke and J. Socorro
     	Sypersymmetric Quantum Cosmology: The Physical States

ASTRO-PARTICLES        (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 25)
	Chairman: A.Dar

14:00  	Cecile DeWitt-Morette                        
       	Neutrinos, Spinors or Pinors?     
14:30  	Robert Mann                                 
       	The Equivalence Principle in the Neutrino Sector  
14:50  	Hyun Kyu Lee                      
       	Neutrino Degeneracy and Primordial Nucleosynthesis
15:10	Shoichi Yamada                 
       	Neutrino Transport in Type II Supernovae
15:35  	Arnon Dar
       	Neutrinos From Massive and Stellar Black Holes

16:00  	Coffee Break

16:30  	D. Fargion
       	Tau Neutrinos in Neutrino Telescopes
16:50 	Y. Ho
      	Hanul Project in Korea
17:10 	G. Barbiellini
      	GLAST, A New Large Area Gamma Ray Space Telescope 
17:30 	A. Morselli
     	The Search for Anti Matter
17:50 	P. Peter
      	Vortons and VHE Cosmic Rays
18:05	L. Chacin and T. Omarov
      	Oscillating Cosmic Strings

EXTRAGALACTIC X-RAY SOURCES	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 101)
	Chairman: A.Treves

14:00 	M. Urry
     	An HST Survey of BL Lac Objects Host Galaxies and Environment
14:25 	H. Deruiter
      	Low Luminosity Radio-Galaxies and Unified Schemes
14:50 	R. Falomo and J. K. Kotilainen
      	Host Galaxies of Flat Spectrum Radio Quasar at Intermediate Redshift
15:15	E. Maoz
      	Overwhelming Evidence for a Massive Black Hole in a Nearby Galactic Nucleus in Maser Emission Observation
15:40	L. V. Verozub
      	An Alternative to Massive Black Holes

BINARY NS        (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 101)
	Chairman: T. Nakamura

16:20 	T. Nakamura
16:25	J. Mathews 
	Relativistic Studies of Close Neutron Star Binaries 
16:45 	M. Shibata 	
	Stability of Binary Neutron Stars in the Post-Newtonian Approximation
17:05 	C. Xu
      	Relativistic Equations of Motion for Binary systems With Monopole, Spin and Complete Quadrupole Moments
17:20 	D. Langlois
      	Dynamics of Relativistic Superfluid in Neutron Stars
17:35 	T. Nakamura
      	Formation of Binary Black Hole MACHO Binaries

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