The Eighth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on
General Relativity
22-27 June 1997
The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

MG8 - Parallel Sessions - Thursday, June 26

EXACT SOLUTION II      (Popick Bldg. - 2nd fl.)
	Chairman: I. Robinson

14:00 	S.B.Edgar and G.Ludvig   
     	New Conformally Flat Radiation Metrics By GHP Integration
14:10 	G.A.Gonzalez V and P.S.Leterier
      	Three Families of Static Thin Disks Solutions With Nonzero Radial Stress.
14:20 	N.R.Sibgatullin, V.S.Manko and M.N.Zaripov
      	On the Exterior Field of a Magnetized, Rotating Disk
14:30 	I.L.Genkin
      	On Co-Ordinates Inside the Schwarzschild's Sphere
14:40 	J.Colding, N.K.Nielsen and Y.Verbin
      	Physical Interpretation of Cylindrically Symmetric Gravitational Fields
14:50 	R.A.Sussman
      	Exact Solutions With a Monatomic Ideal Gas Matter Source
15:00 	R.A.Sussman and H.Quevedo
      	Boundary Conditions and Local Thermodynamics in Spherically Symmetric Non-Isentropic Perfect Fluids.
15:10 	V.V.Burlikov and M.P.Korkina
      	Fluid Spheres of Uniform Density With Variable Space Curvature
15:20 	L.P.Chimento and A.S.Jakubi
      	Dissipative Cosmological Solutions
15:30	L.P.Chimento, A.E.Cossarini and N.A.Zuccal'a
      	Isotropic and Anisotropic N-Dimensionalcosmologies With Exponential Potentials
15:40 	N.Breton, V.S.Manko and C. Moreno
      	Charged Tomimatsu-Sato Solutions
15:50 	M.P.Korkina
      	On the Representation of Desitter Solution

16:00	Coffee Break

16:20	T.Matos
      	Modeling Dilaton Stars With Arbitrary Electromagnetic Field
16:30 	Z.Golda and M.Szydlowski
      	On Some Group Properties of Structure Equations of Newtonian Static Stars in Radiative and Convective 
16:40 	R.B.Mann and T.Ohta
      	On Exact Solutions of the General Relativistic 2-Body Problem
16:50 	R.B.Mann
      	Topological Black Holes
17:00 	Z.Stuchlik
      	Test Particles and Photons in the Kerr-Newman-Desitter Dyon Space
17:10 	A.M.Baranov and E.V.Saveljev
      	On Harmonic Functions and Gescription of Multidimensional Open Universes
17:20 	Ts.I.Gutsunaev and D.A.Ponomarev
      	Force Lines of Magnetic Dipole in General Relativity
17:30 	Sung-Won Kim
      	the Traversable Wormhole Solution With Scalar Field
17:40 	B.Soltysek and I.Dymnikova
      	Two-Lambda Spherically Symmetric Solution
17:50 	H.P.Nollert
     	How Much Quasinormal Ringing in a Gravitational Wave ?
18:00 	M.Novello, J.M.Salim, M.C.Motta daSilva, R.Klippert
      	A New Approach to Schwarzchild Perturbation
18:10	M. Merafina
	Thermodynamic Stability of Relativistic Stellar Systems

ALTERNATIVE THEORIES IN 4D II	(Popick Bldg - 1st fl.)
	Chairman: F. W. Hehl

14:00 	Dj. v Sijavcki
     	Towards Hypergravity 
14:20 	A.Burinskii
      	Spinning Particle as Superblackhole 
14:40 	C. Lammerzahl
      	New Constraints on Space-Time Torsion from Hughes-Drever Experiments 
15:00 	G. Giachetta, L. Mangiarotti, G. Sardanashvily
      	Affine-Metric Gravity and Conservation Laws 
15:12 	S. Casanova, G. Montani, R. Ruffini, R. Zalaletdinov
      	On the Non-Riemannian Manifolds as Framework for Geometric Unification Theories 
15:24 a A.V. Minkevich
      	Some Physical Aspects of Gauge Approach to Gravity
      b A.V. Minkevich, A.S. Garkun 
      	Some Regular Multicomponent Isotropic Models in Gauge Theories of Gravity       
15:36 a	V.G. Krechet, D.V. Sadovnikov
      	Friedmann Cosmological Models With a Scalar Field in an Affine-Metric Theory of Gravity
      b	V.G. Krechet, D.V. Sadovnikov
      	Homogeneous Anisotropic Cosmological Models with a Scalar Field in an Affine-Metric Theory of Gravity 
15:48 	F.W. Hehl, Yu.N. Obukhov
      	Is A Hadronic Shear Current One of the Sources in Metric--Affine Gravity (MAG) ? 

16:00	Coffee Break

16:20	V.M. Koryukin
      	Universe and the Covariant Gauge Theory
16:32	V.F. Krotov
     	About Unified Geometric Foundations of Electrodynamics, GR and Quantum Mechanics
16:44	A.K. Guts, E.B. Grinkevich
      	Synthetic Theory of Gravitation
16:56	L.V.Verozub
     	Gravity: Field and Curvature
17:08	E.G. Mychelkin
     	The Improved General Relativity

BOSON STARS	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 213)
	Chairman: E.W. Mielke
16:20  	E.W. Mielke
	Boson Stars: Early History and Recent Prospects
16:40   D. Scialom
	Dynamical Instability of Boson Stars Made of Real Scalar Fields
17:00   F.E. Schunck
	Rotating Boson Stars
17:25  	A. Niemi
	Knots as Solitons
17:45  	A. Garcia
	Class of Metrics With Sources
18:05   T. Matos
	Static Boson Stars With Arbitrary Electromagnetic Field
18:15   D. F. Torres
	Equilibrium Configurations of Scalar--Tensor Boson Stars

CRITICAL PHENOMENA	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 27)
	Chairman: P. Brady

14:00 	S. Hod 
     	Critical Behaviour and Universality in Gravitational Collapse of Charged Scalar Field 
14:15 	T. Piran 
      	Fine structure of Choptuik's Scaling Relation 
14:30 	E. Hirschman 
      	Instability of an Approximate Black Hole 
14:45 	C. Chambers 
      	Phases of Massive Scalar Field Collapse 
15:00 	S. Ayal 
      	The Spherical Collapse of a Massless Scalar Field With Semi-Classical Corrections
15:15 	L. Parker 
      	Quantum Mass Gap at the Threshold of Black Hole Formation: I
15:30 	Y. Peleg 
     	Quantum Mass Gap at the Threshold of Black Hole Formation: II
15:45 	S. Jhingan 
     	The Structure of the Singularity in Gravitational Collapse
15:55 	P. Brady 
     	Critical Phenomena in Gravitational Collapse

NUMERICAL RELATIVITY II 		(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 27)
	Chairman:  J-A. MARCK

16:20 	H. Shinkai & g. Yoneda                               
        Dynamics in Ashtekar Gravity
16:40 	Cattani                                    
        Variational Gauss method and Regge equations
17:00 	A. Hauke, H. Markum, J. Riedler, C. Holm & W. Janke  
      	Lattice Models of 2D-Quantum Gravity
17:20 	B. Berger, D. Garfinkle & V. Moncrief               
      	The nature of the generic cosmological singularity
17:40 	R. Mondaini & F. Montenegro          
      	Graph Theory in Mathematical Cosmology
18:00 	A. Gomboc, C. Fanton, L. Carlotto & A. Cadez         
      	BH illuminated by infalling material
18:20 	J-A. Marck                                           
      	Summary of the session

GW SOURCES	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 26)
	Chairman: L. Blanchet

14:00 	Luc Blanchet 
      	Introductory Remarks 
14:05 	G. Allen, N. Andersson, K. D. Kokkotas, B. F. Schutz         
      	Gravitational Waves from Pulsating Stars
14:25	V. Ferrari, A. Borrelli, L. Gualtieri 
      	On The Perturbations of Non-Rotating Compact Objects Excited By Massive Sources 
14:45	M. Sasaki 
      	Black Hole Perturbation Approach to Gravitational Radiation From Inspiralling Binaries
15:05 	S. Suzuki and K. Maeda 
      	Spinning Particle around a Black Hole and Gravitational Waves 
15:20	L. Gergely, Z Perjes and  M. Vasuth 
     	Radiation Backreaction on Particles Orbiting a Spinning Black Hole
15:35 	A. D.A.M. Spallicci 
      	On The Perturbed Schwarzschild Geometry for Determination of Particle Motion
15:45 	C. M. WILL 
      	Gravitational Radiation from Inspiralling Compact Binaries : A post-Newtonian Approach
16:05 	S. Droz and E. Poisson 
      	Gravitational Waves from Coalescing Compact Binaries: Second Post-Newtonian Waveforms As Search 
16:20 	C. Xu and X. Wu 
      	Relativistic Equations of Motion for Binary Systems With Monopole, Spin and Complete Quadrupole Moments

16:30	Coffee Break

16:50 	M. Biesiada and M. Szydlowski 
      	Gravitational Radiation from Collapsing Polytropic Ellipsoid
17:10 	S. Woodings, R. Burman and D.G. Blair 
      	Calculating the Cosmic Background of Supernova-Generated Gravitational Radiation
17:25 	R. Opher 
      	Cylindrical Collapse and the Gravitational Radiation from Van Stockum Space-Time Objects
17:40 	A.F. Zakharov 
      	SN as a Strong Source of Gravitational Radiation
17:50 	M. Benacquista 
     	Space-Based Gravitational Wave Detectors and the Galactic White Dwarf Binary Background
18:05 	Y. G. Ignat'ev and V.A. Markov 
     	a. Gravimagnetic Shock Waves is a New Class of Relativistic Gravitational-Wave Processes 
      	b. Numerical Model of the GMSW Perturbation of the Giant Impulses in the Pulsar Magnetospheres

OBSERVATIONAL COSMOLOGY	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 29)
	Chairman: J. Einasto

14:00 	M. Demianski and A. G. Doroshkevich
      	Formation of the Super Large Scale Structure and the Large Scale Bias
14:25 	V. Lukash
      	Formation of Early Structure in the Universe and Distribution of Quasars
14:50	J. Einasto
      	Has the Universe a Honeycomb Structure ?
15:15 	R. Ruffini and  C. Sigismondi
    	The Problem of a Universal Hubble Constant
15:40 	T. Kahniashvili, R. Valdarnini, and B. Novosyadlyj
      	Power Spectra and Large Scale Structure Formation in Mixed Dark Matter Models With a Cosmological 

15:55 	Coffee Break

16:20 	Y. Hoffman
     	Reconstruction of the Large Scale Structure from Peculiar Velocities
16:45	I. Zehavi 
      	Large-Scale Mass Power-Spectrum from Peculiar Velocities and COBE 
17:05 	A. Eldar
    	Methods of Reconstruction from Peculiar Velocities
17:20 	M. Morita,  K. Nakamura  and M. Kasai
      	Testing Relativistic Zel'dovich Approximation in Spherically Symmetric Model
17:45 	Osamu Iguchi
     	Renormalization Group for Einstein Equation

QUANTUM FIELDS IN CURVED SPACE II 	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 214)
	Chairman: V. Belinski

14:00 	E. Verdaguer 
      	Metric Fluctuations in Semiclassical Gravity
14:15 	P. Anderson and D. Courtney  
      	Constraints on Extreme Black Holes in Semiclassical Gravity
14:30	K. Bormann and F. Antonsen  
      	Somewhat  Managable Propagators in Curved Space
14:45 	E. Elizalde, S.D. Odintsov and A. Romeo  
     	A Possible Gravitational Stabilization of the Chromomagnetic Vacuum 
15:00	V.A. De Lorenci and N.F. Svaiter  
      	A Rotating Quantum Vacuum
15:15 	M. Trucks  
     	The Free Bose Gas on Robertson-Walker Spacetimes
15:30 	C. Barcel and L.J. Garay  
      	Wormhole Interactions in Anti-DeSitter Space-Time
15:45 	C. Molina-Par, S. Habib and E. Mottola  
      	Stress-Energy Tensor and Particle Creation in DeSitter Universe  

16:00 	Coffee Break

16:20 	J. Gruszczak  
      	Gravitational Conical Bremsstrahlung and Differential Structures
16:35 	S. Falkenberg and S.D. Odintsov  
     	Gauge Dependence of the Effective Average Action in Einstein Gravity
16:50 	S.P. Gavrilov, D.M. Gitman  and S.D. Odintsov  
      	Quantum Scalar Field in FRW Universe with Constant Electromagnetic Background
17:05 	M. Kuchiev  
      	New Phase of Gauge Theory and Gravity
17:20 	L. Sriramkumar, T. Padmanabhan and R. Mukund  
      	Classical Backgrounds with Vanishing Effective Lagrangians
17:35 	M. Visinescu  
      	Spinning Particles on Curved Spaces and Constants of Motion
17:45 	P. Kuusk and J. Ord  
     	Kinematics and Uncertainty Relations of a Quantum Test Particle in a Curved Space-Time
17:55 	G. Siemieniec-Ozi and A. Woszczyna  
      	Scalar Perturbations in the Semiclassical FLRW Universe
18:05 	G. Chizhov, A. Gaina and S. Kudriavtsev  
      	Particles Generation By Black Holes
18:15 	E.A. Ushakov and A.V. Greenchuk  
      	On Physical Realisation of Parallel Transport
18:25 	A. A. Popov  
     	Cosmic String Created from Vacuum Fluctuations 
18:35 	S.I. Fisenko  
      	On the Question of Gravitational Interaction at Quantum  Level 

BLACK HOLE THERMODYNAMICS I	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 101)
	Chairman: I. T. Jacobson

14:00 	V. Frolov  
	Induced Entropy of a Black Hole in Sakharov's Induced Gravity 
14:30  	R. B. Mann (with Sergei Solodukhin)
       	Quantum Corrections to the Entropy Of Rotating Black Holes 
15:00  	H. Kodama  S. Mukohyama and M. Seriu
      	Black Hole Entropy and the Entanglement Thermodynamics 
15:30  	C. Rovelli 
       	Black Hole Entropy from Loop Quantum Gravity 

16:00	Coffee Break

16:20  	S. Massar and  R. Parentani
       	Euclidean Instantons and Hawking radiation 
16:50  	A. Mikovic  and  V. Radovanovic
       	Loop Corrections for 2D Hawking Radiation 
17:20  	C.M. Chambers  W. A. Hiscock and B. Taylor
       	Spinning Down a Black Hole With Scalar Fields 
17:40  	P. Anderson
       	Constraints on Extreme Black Holes in Semiclassical Gravity 
18:00 	T. Jacobson 
       	Catastrophic Decay of Near-Extremal Black Holes 

EARLY UNIVERSE	    (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 28)
	Chairman: N. Deruelle

14:00 	G. Dautcourt
      	Self-Consistent Solution for low Frequency Gravitational Radiation
14:15 	Jai-chan Hwang
      	Origin of Structures in generalized Gravity
14:30 	Chul H. Lee
      	Bubble Dynamics at Finite Temperature
14:45 	M. R Opher
      	Additional Energy in the Primordial Universe
15:00 	P. Vargas Moni
      	Origin of Structure in a Supersymmetric Quantum Universe
15:10 	A, Aragoneses et al
      	Exact Solutions Conecting Radiation and Matter Eras
15:20 	V. Mandez et al
      	The Cosmic Fluid is Essentailly Transparent to Gravitational Radiation
15:30 	A. Beesham
      	Higher Derivative Theory with Viscosity
15:40 	V.A. Belinski et al
      	On the Fundamental Fileds Magnitude Scaling in a Geometrical Unification Theory

15:50  	Coffee Break

16:20  	W. Zimdahl
       	Cosmological Perturbations and Large-scale Conservation Quantities
16:35 	M. Visser
      	Energy Conditions in the Epoch of Galaxy Formation
16:50 	S.V. Chervon et al
      	Inflationary Universe filled by non-linear scalar chiral and gauge fields
17:05 	L.M. Chechin et al
      	Oscillating Cosmic Strings and a Problem of Nucleosynthesis in the Hot Universe
17:20 	O. Bertolami
      	Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe and Violation of the CPT Symmetry
17:35 	M. di Bari et al
      	Instability in the Early Universe: the Bianchi IX Model 
17:45 	Bormann et al
      	FRW Geometry Evolution due to Quantum Effects
17:55 	Burdyuzha
      	Lambda-Term can be Defined exactly
18:05 	Dariescu et al
      	Zero Energy Modes of massless Fermions in S3XR Spacetime
18:15 	Zakharov 
      	Macroscopic Einstein Equations for a system of interacting particles
18:25 	S. Kozhanov et al
      	The Evolution of Ensemble of Point Masses in Cosmological Substratum in the Early Universe

CMB	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 213)
	Chairman: N. Sugiyama

14:00 	C.M. Gutierrez
      	Tenerife CMB experiments and Future Projects
14:20	N. Sugiyama
	CMB Anisotopy and Thermal History of the Universe
14:40 	M. Sakellariadou
      	CMB Anisotropies Induced by Scaling Seed Perturbations
14:53 	T. Kahniashvili
      	CMB Anisotropies Caused by Gravitational Waves - A Parameter Study 
15:06 	E.V. Mikheeva
      	Large Scale Anisotropy of Cosmic Microwave Background and Gravitational Waves
15:19 	V.G.Gurzadyan
      	On CMB properties in k=-1 Universe
15:32 	A. Woszczyna
      	Perturbations' Ergodicity In the Open Universe
15:45 	D. Langlois
      	Can the CMBR Dipole Be Cosmological ?

MICROLENSES	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 102)
	Chairman: Ph. Jetzer

14:00 	Ph. Jetzer 
      	Status Of Microlensing Research
14:20 	A. Milsztajn 
      	Final results from EROS-1
14:40 	H. Sato 
     	Search for Machos in LMC by MOA
15:00 	G. Ingrosso 
      	Microlensing Results and the Galactic Models
15:20	E. Kerins 
      	MACHO vs HST: How Bright Can Dark Matter Be?
15:40 	H.S. Zhao 
      	Microlensing of Tidal Debris on the Magellanic Great Circle

16:00	Coffee Break
16:20	M. Roncadelli 
     	Machos as Binary Brown Dwarfs ?
16:40 	S. Capozziello and R. De Ritis 
      	Defocusing Gravitational Microlensing
17:00 	A.F. Zakharov 
      	Non-Compact Astronomical Objects as Microlenses 

	Chairman: M. Abramowicz

14:00 	G. Madejski
      	Recent observations of black holes 
15:00 	R. Narayan
      	Spectral models of advectively dominated accretion flows 

16:00 	Coffee break 

16:20 	J.-P. Lasota
      	Accretion flows around compact objets -  instabilities and variability 
17:20 	D. Cline
      	The current status of the search for primodial black holes 
17:50 	Z. Stuchlik
      	Charged particles orbiting charged black holes 
18:05 	J.-A. Marck
      	The black hole movie 

mg8 conference        Parallel Sessions

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