The Eighth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on
General Relativity
22-27 June 1997
The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

MG8 - Parallel Sessions - Monday June 23

CONSERVATION LAWS 	(Popick Hall - 2nd fl.)*
	Chairman: J. Katz 

14.00 	Donald Lynden-Bell
	Machian Thought Experiments
14.20 	Jiri Bicak
      	Conservation Laws for Cosmological Perturbations and Mach Principle
14.40 	Alexander N. Petrov
      	On Superpotentials in General Relativity
15.00 	Jacek Jezierski
     	** Talk Cancelled  **
15.08 	Tetsuya Shiromizu
      	The Total Hamiltonian of the Double Null Formalism and the Quasi-Local Energy
15.16 	Daniel Sudarsky
      	Quasi-Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes and Their ADM Mass
15.24 	Edward. N. Glass
      	From Taub Numbers to the Bondi Mass
15.32 	E.V. Liverts
      	On the Wave Metrics in Cylindrical Symmetric Spacetime and Conservation Laws
15.40 	Victor Olkhov
      	On Thermal Properties of Gravity
15.48 	Rafael A. Vera
      	Non-Local Conservation Laws, from Quantums up to the Universe, Derived From an Explicit Equivalence 

16:00 	Coffee Break

16.20 	Jean-Philippe Uzan
      	Conservation Laws and Cosmological Perturbations
16.40 	Anthony Rizzi
     	Angular Momentum at Null Infinity
17.08 	Robert B. Mann
      	Deformation Symmetry and the Palatini Method
17.16 	Rostislav F. Polishchuk
     	Conservation Laws in General Relativity
17.24 	Alberto Chamorro
      	Energy and Angular Momentum Distribution of Charged Rotating Black Holes
17.32 	Alexander A. Chernitskii
      	A Direct Method for Obtaining the Differential Conservation Laws
17.40 	Joseph Katz
      	Brief Survey of Conservation Laws

ALTERNATIVE THEORIES IN 4D I - F. W. HEHL	 (Popick Hall - 1st fl.)


14:00 	C. Rovelli
      	General Relativity in terms of Dirac Eigenvalues
14:20 	R.M. Zalaletdinov
      	Averaging Problem in General Relativity, Macroscopic Gravity and Using Einstein's Equations in Cosmology 
     	M. Mars, R.M. Zalaletdinov
      	Space-time Averages in Macroscopic Gravity and Volume-preserving Coordinates 
14:40 	S.R. Valluri, W.L. Harper, R. Biggs
     	Newton's Precession Theorem, Eccentric Orbits and Mercury's Orbit 
15:00 	O.V. Demidova
     	From the History of the Russian Gravitational Society
15:12 	E.E. Flanagan
      	Coordinate Invariant Formulation of Post-1-Newtonian
15:24	A.V. Zakharov
      	Macroscopic Einstein Equations for a System of Interacting Particles: Second-Order Accuracy in Interaction 
15:36 	R.M. Santilli
      	Isotopic Grand Unification with the Inclusion of Gravity
15:48 	A.Yu. Neronov
      	General Relativity as Continuum With Microstructure. Formal Theory of Lie Pseudogroups Approach

16:00 	Coffee Break

16:20 	R.T. Hammond, C. Gruver, P. Kelly
     	Scalar Field from Dirac Coupled Torsion
16:32 	D. Rapoport
      	Torsion And Quantum and Hydrodynamical Fluctuations
16:44 	M.B. Mensky, M. Israelit
      	Weyl Gauge Transformation Without Change of the Length Standard
16:56 	B. Guilfoyle
      	Yang-Mills Metrics 
17:08 	S. Kaniel, Y. Itin
      	Gravity by Hodge de-Rham Laplacian on Frames
17:20 	V. Olkhov
      	On Thermal Properties of Gravity
17:32	I.P. Denisova
     	Tensor Expressions in Rosen's Theory of Gravitation
17:44 	R. Opher,U.F. Wichoski
      	On a Theory for Nonminimal Gravitational-Electromagnetic Coupling Consistent With Observational Data
 17:56	C. Lammerzahl, R.A. Puntigam, F.W. Hehl
      	Can the Electromagnetic Field Couple to Post-Riemannian Structures ?

TIME MACHINES	 (Sprinzak Bldg.  - Room 28)
	Chairman: A. Carlini

16:20	M.  Visser
      	the Reliability Horizon for Semiclassical Quantum Gravity
16:36 	C.J. Fewster
      	Classical And Quantum Initial Value Problems for Models of Chronology Violation
16:52 	S. Krasnikov
     	Time Machines With Non Compactly Generated Cauchy Horizons
17:08 	F. de Felice
      	Cosmic Time Machines: Observational Implications
17:24 	F. Schein and P.C. Aichelburg 
     	Lorentzian Wormholes in a De Sitter Cosmos
17:40 	K. Maeda, A. Ishibashi and M. Narita
      	On a Causality Violation and Singularities
17:56 	R.J. Slagter
      	On the Dynamical Evolution of Spinning Einstein Yang-Mills Strings
18:12 	A. K. Guts
      	Time Machine and Foliations
18:17 	M.Y. Konstantinov
      	Causality in Topologically Non Trivial Spacetimes
18:22 	C.S. Unnikrishnan
     	Gravity and Time Machines
18:27 	A. Carlini, I.D. Novikov and M.B. Mensky
      	Laws of Physics in the Presence of Time Machines

MASS INFLATION	  (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room  27)
	Chairman: Eric Poisson

14:00 	Lior M. Burko
   	Structure of the Cauchy Horizon Singularity
14:20 	Amos Ori
   	Asymptotic Behavior of Gravitational NP Perturbations Inside Spinning Black Holes
14:40  	Patrick R. Brady, Serge Droz  and  Sharon M. Morsink
   	The Generic Black Hole Singularity
15:00  	S. Hod and T. Piran 
   	Mass Inflation in Dynamical Gravitational Collapse of Charged Scalar Field
15:20	G. Lavrelashvili
   	Mass Inflation Inside Non-Abelian Black Holes                           
15:40 	Galtsov D.V., Donets E.E., and Zotov M.Yu.,
   	Oscillatory And Power-Law Mass-Inflation in Non-Abelian Black Holes

16:00	Coffee Break

16:20 	J.S.F. Chan and R.B. Mann, 
   	Radiative Falloff in non-Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes
16:40	Chris M. Chambers,  
   	A Numerical Approach To Cauchy Horizon Stability In Black Hole-de~Sitter Spacetimes
17:00	D.A. Konkowski and T.M. Helliwel
	Stability of Cauchy Horizons in Plane Wave Spacetimes

GW BARS          (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 26)
	Chairman: G. Pizzela 

14:00 	P. Astone et al., presented by V.Fafone
      	Operation of the Gravitational Wave Detector Nautilus
14:25 	M.Bonaldi et al., presented by A.Ortolan
      	the Gravitational Wave Antenna Auriga: A Progress Report
14:50 	P.Astone et al., presented by P.Bonifazi
      	Upper Limit At 1.8 Khz for A G.W.Stochastic Background With the Altair Resonant Mass Detector                        
15:00 	I.S. Heng, D.G. Blair, E.N. Ivanov, M.E. Tobar
      	the Calibration and Foltering of Data from a Resonant Mass G.W. Antenna
15:25 	W.O. Hamilton, W.W. Johnson, E. Mauceli, M. McHugh and A.Morse 
     	Transducer Development for the Allegro Detector
15:50 	M.Bassan and the ROG collaboration
      	Advances in Capacitive Transducers for Resonant Antennas     

16:10 	Coffee Break

16:30 	M.E.Tobar el al., presented by C.R.Locke 
      	Next Generation Resonant-Mass G.W. Detector With a Sapphire Dielectric Transducer Readout
16:55 	E. Coccia and the ROG collaboration
      	Spherical G.W. Detectors

GR IN SPACE      (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 29)
	Chairman: K. Nordtvedt

14:00 	J. Muller and M. Schneider 
      	What Can Lunar Laser Ranging Provide to Relativity ?
14:20 	D. Vokrouhlicky and K. Nordtvedt 
     	Recent Experimental Tests of the Isotropy of Graviational Physics
14:40 	M.T. Zuber, D.E. Smith, J.B. Abshire, B.G. Bills and D.R. Skillman
      	A Mission Concept For Measuring the Quadrupole Moment of the Sun and Certain Relativisitic Parameters
15:00	A.D. Alexeev, K.A. Bronnikov, N.I. Kolosnitsyn,M.Yu. Konstantinov and V.N. Melnikov 
      	SEE Rpoject For Measuring the Gravitational Interaction Parameters
15:20 	I. Ciufolini 
      	A Detection of the Lense-Thirring Effect in the LAGEOS Orbits
15:40 	S. Buchman 
      	The Gyroscope System for the Relativity Mission

16:00 	Coffee Break

16:20 	M. Heifetz, C.W.F. Everitt, G.M. Keiser and A.S. Silbergleit
      	Data Reduction, Error Analysis and Identification of Systematic Errors in the Gravity Probe B Experiment
16:40 	D. Bardas 
      	Integration and Test of the Gravity-Probe B Flight Prototype Instrument
17:00	B. Muhlfelder, J.M. Lockhart, J. Mester and M. Luo
      	The Gravity-Probe B Squid-Based Gyroscope Readout System
17:20 	G.R. Uspensky, A.V. Tselin ,V.B. Pintchuk and A.A. Zubrilo
      	About One Opportunity of Measurement of the Gravitational Dragging Factor of Light
17:40	I. Strukov 
      	Relict Radiation, Experimental Status
18:00 	D. E. Smith and M. T. Zuber 
      	Prospects for Centimeter Laser Ranging Throughout the Inner Solar System 	in the Coming Decade

QUANTUM FIELDS IN CURVED SPACETIME I	        (Sprinzak Bldg.  - Room 214)
	Chairman: V. Belinski

14:00	R. Penrose
      	Fundamental Issues of Curved-Space  Quantization
14:30 	T. Jacobson
     	High Frequency Problem for Quantum Fields Outside Black Holes 
15:30 	B. Harms
      	Semiclassical Quantization in Black Hole Space-Time

16:15 	Coffee Break

16:30 	V. Belinski, V. Mur, B. Karnakov, N. Narozhny
      	On the Theory of the Unruh Effect
17:00 	M. Visser
      	Gravitational Vacuum Polarization: Energy Conditions in the Unruh Vacuum
17:15 	G. Ph. Spindel, R. Parentani and S. Massar
      	Interecting Charged Particles in an Electric Field and the Unruh Effect 
17:30 	D. Sudarsky 
      	Bremsstrahlung by Static Charges Outside a Static Black Hole? 
17:45 	U. Gerlach 
      	Acceleration-Induced Geometry of the Space of Solutions to the Klein-Gordon Equaton
18:00 	J. Lindig and V. Mostepanenko 
      	Particle Creation and Vacuum Polarization of Nonconformal Scalar Field Near the Isotropic Cosmological  
18:15	I.B. Khriplovich
      	Superluminal Velocity of Photons in a Gravitational Background

STRING THEORY	       (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 101)
	Chairman: E. Rabinovici

14:00 	A.Giveon
	Brane Dynamics and N=1 Supersymmetric Gauge Theory
14:30 	J.M. Maldacena

15:00 	A. Sen
     	Recent Developments in String Theory
15:30 	C. Angelantonj and M. Bianchi
     	Toroidal Compactifications of the Type I Superstring Revisited
15:45 	M. Bianchi, A. Sagnotti and  S. Ferrara
      	Low-energy Analysis of Four-Dimensional N=1 Type I Superstrings

16:00	Coffee Break

16:20 	J. Cruz, J. M. Izquierdo, D. J. Navarro and J. Navarro-Salas
      	Dirac Quantization of Matter-Coupled 2D Dilaton-Gravity Models
16:35 	H. Liebl and W. Kummer and D.V. Vassilevich
      	Exact Path Integral Quantization of Generic 2-D Dilaton Gravity
16:50 	C. Angelantonj and G. Pradisi
      	Chiral Asymmetry in Four-Dimensional Type I Superstring Vacua
17:00 	M. Asorey, J.L. Lopez, I.L. Shapiro
     	On the Quantum Gravity Theory With Arbitrary High Derivatives
17:10 	M. Bianchi
      	Type I Vacua in the Web of String Dualities
17:20 	S. Kar
      	Focusing Of Worldsheets in the Classical Nambu-Goto Theory of Strings
17:30 	D. S. Popovic,  M. Blagojevic and B. Sazdovic
	Symmetries of the Induced 2D Gravity
17:40 	G. Pradisi and Y. S. Stanev
      	Open Descendants of Gepner Models in  D=6
17:50 	J.M. Raya, L.J. Garay, P.F. Gonzalez-Diaz, G. A. Mena Marugan
      	Minimum Size From Strings and Wormholes

INFLATION      (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 28)
	Chairman: M. Sasaki

16:20	A. A. Starobinsky
      	Quantitative Description of Space-Time During and After Stochastic Inflation
16:40 	L. Kofman, A. Linde and A.A. Starobinsky
      	Reheating and Preheating After Inflation
17:10 	D. V. Galtsov
      	Yang-Mills Driven Inflation
17:30 	G. Dvali, S. Dimopoulos and R. Rattazzi 
      	Dynamical Inflation and Unification Scale on Quantum Moduli Spaces
17:50 	V.N. Lukash and E.V. Mikheeva
      	A New Class of the Inflationary Models With $\Lambda$-term
18:10 	J. Garriga, X. Montes, M. Sasaki and T. Tanaka
      	Canonical Perturbations in the One Bubble Universe
18:40 	J. Garriga and V.F. Mukhanov
      	On Classical Anisotropies in Models of Open Inflation
19:00 	M. Sasaki, T. Tanaka and Y. Yakushige
     	Wall Fluctuation Modes and Tensor CMB Anisotropy in Open Inflation Models
19:20 	E. W. Mielke
      	Second-Order Reconstruction of Inflationary Dynamics Compatible With Recent COBE Data

TOPOLOGICAL DEFECTS	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 213)
	Chairman: R. Durrer

14:00 	N. G. Phillips 
      	Statistical Modeling of Texture Dynamics
14:20 	M. Sakellariadou 
      	Scaling and Small Scale Structure in Cosmic String Networks
14:40	T. Hara 
      	Hierarchical Structure of  Astronomical Objects in the Cosmic String Scheme of Structure Formation
15:00	M. Nagasawa 
      	Formation Probability of Non-Topological Electroweak Strings 
15:20 	J.P. Uzan 
      	the No-Defect Conjecture in Cosmic Crystallography
15:40 	B. Carter 
      	Electromagnetic Self-Interaction in Strings

16:00 	Coffee Break

16:20 	A. Gangui 
     	Those Circular Current--Carrying Cosmic String Loops Leading to Vortons
16:40 	V. Frolov 
      	The Interaction of Cosmic Strings and Black Holes
17:00 	B. Boisseau 
      	Can a  Self-Gravitating Thin Cosmic String Obey the Nambu-Goto Dynamics ?
17:20	A. Ishibashi 
      	On the Perturbation of a Domain Wall Coupled to Gravitational Waves
17:30 	K. Nakamura 
      	Cylindrical Domain Walls and Gravitational Waves
17:40 	I.L. Bogolubsky 
      	2D Topological Solitons as Cosmic Strings
17:50 	R.J. Cova 
      	Soliton Scattering in the Periodic $O(3)$ Model
18:00 	N.R. Khusnutdinov
      	Ground State Energy of a Scalar Field in the Spacetime of a Cosmic String with Finite Thickness

GRAV LENSES 	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 25)
	Chairman: A. Petters

14:00  	A.  Petters
14:05 	A. Petters and F. Wicklin
      	Fixed Points due to Point Mass Gravitational Lenses 
14:20 	V. Perlick 
      	On the Classification of Stable Caustics

14:50 	Coffee Break

15:00 	P. Piccione 
      	the Fermat Principle in General Relativity and the Gravitational Lens Effect
15:30 	A. Zakharov 
      	Caustic Singularities of the Cusp Type in the Theory of Gravitational Lenses
15:50 	J. Franco
     	The Theory of Relativity: Is it Solid?

QPO'S 	(Sprinzak Bldg.  - Room 102)
	Chairman: L. Stella

14:00 	W. Zhang      
     	KHz QPOs in LMXRBs 
14:30 	E. Morgan     
      	QPOs from black hole candidates 
15:00 	P. Kaaret     
      	High Frequency Quasi-Periodic Oscillations and the Marginally Stable Orbit
15:30 	L. Stella     
      	A Relativistic Model For Linking the Low-Frequency (5-50 Hz) and Khz QPO in Ow Mass X-Ray Binaries

mg8 conference        Parallel Sessions

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