The Eighth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on
General Relativity
22-27 June 1997
The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

MG8 - Parallel Sessions - Friday June 27

INERTIAL FORCES IN GR	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 213)
	Chairman: R. Jantzen
08:00 	Marek Abramowicz
      	Optical Geometry: A New Black Hole Paradigm ? 
08:25 	Jivri Bivcak and Oldvrich Semerak
      	The Interplay Between Forces Around Charged Rotating Black Holes 
08:45 	Fernando DeFelice
      	Properties of Orbits Around Kerr Black Holes
09:00	Roberto Soria and Fernando de Felice
      	Quasi-Local Measurements in Space-Time: A Gravitational Kaleidoskope
09:15 	Robert Jantzen and Donato Bini
      	Translating Among the Various Languages of the Inertial Forces Game 
09:35	Donato Bini and Andrea Merloni
      	Circular and Spherical Geodesics in Kerr: Gravitoelectromagnetism and Centrifugal Forces 

10:00 	Coffee Break

10:20 	Reva Kay Williams
      	Penrose Processes and the Gravitomagnetic Field 
10:40 	I.B. Khriplovich and A.A. Pomeransky
      	Gravimagnetic Moment and Gravitational Interaction of Spinning Bodies
11:00 	Donato Bini and Gianluca Gemelli 
      	Gravitoelectromagnetism and the Motion of Spinning Test Particles in General Relativity
11:20 	Roustam Zalaletdinov
      	On General and Restricted Covariance in General Relativity 
11:40	A. P. Ryabushko, I. T. Niemanova, T. A. Jour
     	The Relativistic Field of the Gas-Dustlike Sphere With Gravitating 
        Center and the Motion of Spinning Test Body in this Field 
12:00 	M.M. Abdildin
      	Presentation of a Summary of the following abstracts:
     	M.M. Abdildin
	Adiabatic Theory of Body Motion In GR Mechanics
      	M.M. Abdildin and M.S. Omarov
	Correlation of Relativistic Spin-Spin and Magnetic Interactions in Two-Body GR Problem
     	M.M. Abdildin and M.K. Abdulgafarov
	Metric of the Rotating Liquid Sphere and Hamilton-Jacobi Equation in GR Mechanics
     	M.M. Abdildin and A.A. Komaro
	Some Approaches to Investigations of the Problems in GR Mechanics
     	M.M. Abdildin and M.S.Omarov
	On the Hydrodynamical Analogy in GR Mechanics
     	I.L. Genkin
	On Co-Ordinates Inside the Schwarzschild Sphere

	Chairman: V.N. Melnikov

08:00 	U.Gunther and A.Zhuk 
      	Gravitational Excitons From Extra-Dimensions
08:25 	E.I.Guendelman and A.B.Kaganovich 
      	Gravitational Theory Without the Cosmological Constant Problem
08:50	V.D.Ivashchuk, V.N.Melnikov 
      	Exact Solutions In Multidimensional Gravity With Generalized 
      	Intersecting P-Branes
09:15 	S.Chatterjee 
     	Inhomogeneous Cosmological Model in Kaluza-Klein Spacetime
09:35 	T. Klosch, T.Strobl 
      	Complete Classification of 1+1 Gravity Solutions

10:00 	Coffee Break

10:20 	P.Gali Macedo 
      	Antigravity Effect in Jordan-Thiry Unified Field Theory
10:40 	S.Cotsakis  
      	Mathematical Problems in Quadratic And Higher--Order 
      	Gravity And Cosmology 
11:00 	A.Macias, E.W.Mielke 
      	Recovering An Effective Weinberg-Salam-Glashow 
      	Model From Higher Dimensions 
11:20 	M.F.Borges, S.R.M.Masalkiene 
      	Geometric Extended Gravity Theory of Yang-Mills Type
11:40 	L.Halpern
      	Generalization of Gravitational Theory

EINSTEIN MAXWELL SYSTEMS     (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 28)
	Chairman: C. H. Lee and G. Bisnovati-Kogan

08:00 	N. S. Kovalskaya
      	Solution of Einstein-Maxwell's Equation in the Form of Circular Polarized Waves
08:20 	Mark Israelit
      	Torsional Weyl-Dirac Electrodynamics
08:40 	Carlo Cattani and Ettore Laserra
      	Cauchy Problem for a Relativistic Charged Continuum
09:00 	Zoltan Perjes 
      	A Class of Einstein-Maxwell Fields Generalizing the Equilibrium Solutions
09:15	V. D. Gladush and R. A. Konoplya
     	Split Structures in General Relativity
09:30	L. A. R. Oliveira, M. Novello and J. M. Salim
      	Direct Electrogravitational Coupling and Photon Propagation
09:45 	J. G. Cardoso
      	New Two-Component Spinor Formulae for Classical General Relativity
10:00 	Coffee Break

10:20 	M. Novello, V. A. De Lorenci and E. Elbaz
      	Can Purely Electomagnetic Interaction Produce Black Holes ?
10:40 	Takashi Okamura
      	On Scattering off the Extreme Reissner-Nordstrom Black Hole in N=2 Supergravity
11:00 	O.Chedia, T.Kachniashvili, G.Machabeli, I.Nanobashvili
      	Generation of the electrostatic field in the relativistic plasma of pulsar magnetosphere
11:25 	M. van Putten
      	Knots in simulations of magnetized relativistic jets.
11:50 	S.G.Moiseenko
      	2-D simulation of magnetorotational mechanism

ALGEBRAIC COMPUTATION          (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 27)
	Chairman:  L. Parker

08:00 	Sergei A. Klioner	
      	Eins: A Package for Operations With Indexed Objects Within Mathematica
08:17 	Michael N. Polozov	
      	Lorentz Transformations and Real Quaternions
08:34 	A. Hoglund		
      	Tensign, the Philosophy Behind a New User Interface
08:51	M. Kavian 
      	A Centralized Tensor Database
09:08 	M. Kavian		
      	A New Algebraic Tensor Computation System
09:25 	L. Parker
     	Tensor Analysis With MathTensor, an Update

GW FUTURE        (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 26)
	Chairman: M. Fujimoto

10:20 	E. Coccia
      	Spherical Gravitational Wave Detectors
10:45 	A.V. Gusev and V.V. Kulagin  
      	Optical Fabry-Perot Sensor With Variable Ultrashort Length as a Readout Element for Spherical Gravitational 
11:05 	L.V. Verozub
      	Gravitational Wave Detector  
11:25	P.T. Polochtchouk
      	Future Detectors for High Frequency Gravitational Waves 
11:40 	E.E. Flanagan and S. Hughes
      	Nonlinear Filtering Methods for Searching for Burst Gravitational Waves 
12:00 	A. Vecchio and C. Cutler
      	Observing Coalescing Binaries With Space-Based Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors: Angular 
	Resolution and Astrophysical Parameter Measurements

EQUIVALENCE PRINCIPLE IN SPACE	       (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 29)
	Chairman: Y. Jafry

08:00	P. Fayet
     	Determination of the Gravitational Constant, Testing the Equivalence Prinicple and Aspherical Gravitational 
08:30 	R.A. Vera
      	Cosmic Tests for a More Explicit Equivalence Principle
08:50 	C.W.F. Everitt, C. Lages
      	Ministep Mission Overview      
09:20 	V.I Denisov, N.V Kravtsov, V.B Pinchuk 
      	Using Two-Frequency Lasers in Gravitational Experiments
09:40   S. Vitale
      	Ministep Disturbance Management

10:00 	Coffee Break

10:20 	N.A Lockerbie 
      	Gravitational And Magnetic Stability Considerations for the Test-Mass
      	Designs of the Ultrasensitive Ministep Experiment
10:40 	W Vodel, S Nietzsche, J.V Zameck Glyscinski, H Dittus, S Lochmann, 
      	C Mehls 
      	High Sensitive Squid-Based Position Detectors for Application in Gravitational Experiments
11:00 	O. Clavier, R. Torii, D.B. DeBra 
      	Ministep Squid Position Sensor Development
11:20 	B Lange
      	Seperating Out the Radial-Offset Error in a Two-Sphere Equivalence-Principle Experiment In A Sattelite 
11:30 	B Lange
      	The Two-Color Transcollimator, a Precision Position Detector for a Sattelite Two-Sphere Equivalence-Principle 
11:35 	B Lange
      	Suppressing Radial Non-Observability in a Two-Sphere Equivalence-Principle Experiment By Gravity-Gradient 
11:40 	VIafolla, E Lorenzini, V Milyukov 
      	Test of the Weak Equivalence Principle iIn Stratospheric Free-Fall
12:00 	H Dittusy, S Lochmann, C Mehls, W Vodel, H Koch, S Nietzsche, J.V Zameck Glyscinski, P Mazilu 
      	Free Fall Experiments on Drop-Tower Bremen - A High Precision Test of the Weak Equivalence Principle

CANONICAL QG	(Popick Bldg. - 2nd fl.)
	Chairman: H. Kodama 

08:00 	Rovelli, Carlo
      	Nonperturbative loop quantum gravity
08:40 	De Pietri, Robert
      	The relation between the connection and the loop representation 
      	of quantum gravity
09:00 	Mielke, Eckehard
      	Chern--Simons Induced Chiral Supergravity
09:10	Rainer, Martin
      	The Role of the Dilaton in Diffeomorphism Covariant Quantum Theory
09:30	J.  Nelson
	Constants of Motion and the Conformal Anti-de-Sitter Algebra in (2+1)-Dimensional Gravity
09:45 	J. Krause
      	Quantization of the Poincare Group in 1+1 Dimensions
09:55	Khokhlov
	on Quantization of a free Gravitational Field

10:05 	Coffee Break

10:20	Minzoni, A.A. and Rosenbaum, Marcos and Ryan, Michael P., Jr.
      	Problems of Minisuperspace Canonical Quantization
10:40 	P. Szydlowski
      	Eisenhart's Principle and a New Formulation of Minisuperspace
10:55 	Tanimoto Masayuki and Koike Tatshiko and Hosoya Akio
     	Hamiltonians for Spatially Compact Homogeneous Universes
11:15 	Pervushin, Victor
      	Description of Friedmann Observables in Quantum Universe 
11:35 	Obregon, Octavio and Ryan, Michael P.
      	Minisuperspace Canonical Quantization of ``Black Hole'' Systems By Means of Wick Rotations Of Quantum 
	Cosmological States
11:45 	Moniz, Paulo
      	From Reissner-Nordstr\"Om Quantum States to Charged Black Holes Mass Evaporation
12:05	Kodama, H.
	Summary Talk

BLACK HOLE THERMODYNAMICS II	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 214)
	Chairman: T. Jacobson

10:20  	C.J. Hunter and S.W. Hawking 
       	The Entropy of Instantons With NUT Charge 
10:40 	M. Banados  
       	Black Holes of Constant Curvature in 5d Chern-Simons Sugrav  
11:00 	I. Dymnikowa 
       	Thermodynamics of Nonsingular Black Hole 
11:20  	N. Svaiter  and  L. Ford  
       	Black Hole Horizon Fluctuations 
11:40 	F. Vendrell and M. Ortiz
       	Covariant Path Integrals and Black Holes 
12:00  	J. R. A. Salazar  and J. M. T. Sarmiento
       	Rindler Space Entropy 
12:10  	F. Scardigli
       	Black Hole Entropy: A Spacetime Foam Approach 

NONSINGULAR COSMOLOGY      (Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 102)
	Chairman: M. Novello

08:00	V. N. Melnikov 
     	Non Singular Multidimensional Cosmological Models
08:20 	M. Novello, J M Salim, L A R Oliveira, E Elbaz 
     	Geometrizex Instantons and the Creation of the Universe 
08:40	A. V. Minkevich
   	Non Singular Inflationary Cosmological Models
09:00 	L. F. Jambrina
     	Globally Hyperbolic Geodesically Complete Cosmological Model
09:15 	I. Shapiro
     	On the Inflationary Solutions in Higher Derivative Gravity with Dilaton Field
09:30 	K. H. Kong, H Q Lu, K S Cheng, P C W Fung 
     	Bianchi Cosmology with Spinning Matter and Magnetic Field in the Einstein-Cartan Theory
09:45 	R. X. Saibatalov
      	Electromagnetic Field in Rotating and Expanding Universe

10:00 	Coffee Break

10:20 	N. P. Neto
      	Non Singular Cosmology and the Ontological Interpretation of Quantum Gravity
10:40 	A. M. Baranov and I. V. Jabrun
      	On Open Universe Model with Viscosity 
10:55 	J. M. Salim, H. P. Oliveira,  S. L. Sautu
      	Non Singular Inflationary Cosmologies in Weyl Integrable Space Time
11:05	Jai-Chan Hwang
       	Newtonian Limits of the Relativistic Cosmological Perturbations
11:20 	S. Scott
      	Isotropic Singularities in Cosmology
11:35 	M. Novello
      	General Comments and further discussions

DARK MATTER	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 25)
	Chairman: R. Cowsick

08:00	R. Cowsik
	Introduction - Astronomical Observations on Dark Matter
	R. Cowsik, P.M.S. Namboodiri and D. Sugimoto
	Caustics and Other Complex Structure in the Phase Space Distribution of Particles of Dark Matter
08:15	R. Peccei
	Dark Matter From the Perspective of a Particle Physicist
08:55	S. Filipppi, H.W. Lee and R. Ruffini
	Landau Damping of Fermions Perturbations in an Expanding Universe
09:02	E. Griv
	Disk-Halo Interaction in Flat Galaxies
09:09	Y.M. Cho and Y.Y. Keun
	Dilatonic Dark Matter - A New Paradigm
09:16	H. Quevedo, M. Salgado and D. Sudarsky
	The Oscillating G Model: A Possible Explanation for the Apparent Periodicity In The Galaxy
        Distribution and for the Cosmological Non-Baryonic Matter
09:23	F. Schunck
	A Scalar Field Matter Model for Dark Halos of Spiral And Dwarf Galaxies
09:30	H.W. Lee
	Evolution of Power Spectrum for Ions
09:37	A.F. Zakharov and M.V. Sazhin
	Non-Compact Astronomical Objects as Microlenses
09:44	H. Minakata
	Particle Physics Implications of Dark Matter Massive Neutrinos

10:00  	Coffee break

10:30	D.B. Cline
	Experimental Searches For Dark Matter Particles
	D.B. Cline
	Progress and Prospects in the Direct Search for Supersymmetric Dark Matter Particles
11:10	R. Cowski, C. Ratnam and P. Bhattacharjee
	Comments on Particles of Galactic Dark Matter
11:17	P. Jetzer
	Microlensing Implications for Halo Dark Matter
11:24	F. De Paolis, P. Jetzer, G. Ingrosso and M. Roncadelli
	Baryonic Dark Matter
11:31	K. Volkamer and C. Streicher
	Experimental Evidence of A New Type of Quantized, Cold Dark Matter With Quanta as Integer Multiples Of The 
	Plank Mass
11:38	K. Volkamer and C. Streicher
	A Theory of Superluminal Particles With Real Mass Content In Agreement
	With Experiment Evidence Of A New Type Of Quantized, Cold Dark Matter
11:45	M. Yu. Konstantinov
	Some Geometrical Models The Possible Class of Particles Able to Travel Faster Than Light
11:52	V.A. Kuzmin and V.R. Rubakov
	Super Energy Cosmic Rays: A Window to Post-Inflationary Reheating Epoch
 	of the Universe
11:59	V.A. Kuzmin
	A Simultaneous Solution to Baryogenesis and Dark Matter Problems
12:06	V. Burdyuzha and G. Vershkov
	The Role of Pseudo Goldstone-Bosons on Evolution of Baryon Structures
12:13	Concluding remarks

GAMMA RAY BURSTS	(Sprinzak Bldg. - Room 101)
	Chairman: D. Band

08:00 	D. Band
     	The Gamma-Ray Burst Mystery 
08:20	E. Costa
	Beppo/SAX Observations of Gamma Ray Bursts and their X-Ray Counterparts
08:50 	G. J. Mathews and J. R. Wilson
     	Gamma-Ray Bursts from Neutron Star Binaries 
09:05 	M. Ruffert and H.-T. Janka
      	A Variety of Coalescing Neutron Star Models 
09:30 	S. Kobayashi, R. Sari and T. Piran
      	Can Internal Shocks Produce the Variability in GRBs ?
09:45	R. Sari and T. Piran
      	The Death of the `External Shock' Models 

10:05 	Coffee Break

10:25	R. Pilla and A. Loeb 
      	Spectral and Temporal Characteristics of Internal Shocks in Gamma-Ray Bursts 
10:55	A. Pozanenko
      	Time Domain Consequences of the Cosmological Nature of Gamma-Ray Bursts
11:10 	A. Mitra
      	A Probable Mechanism for the Origin of Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts
11:30 	E. Opher and R. Opher
      	A Unified Model for Gamma-Ray Bursters, Galactic Microquasars and Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays
11:50 	T. Y. Yurjevna 
      	The Selective Effects of the Gamma-Ray Bursts Detection

mg8 conference        Parallel Sessions

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