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Roy Kerr, Professor of ICRANet, has been awarded by King of Sweden

On May 26 Roy Kerr,Professor of the International Center for Relativistic Atrophysics of Pescara, received the Crafoord Prize by the King of Sweden. The Crafoord Prize, the highest honor for Astrophysics, is attributed by the Academy of Sciences of Sweden and is equivalent both prestige and for financial contribution to the Nobel Prize in Physics. Its aim is promoting international research in following fields: astronomy, mathematics, earth sciences, biological sciences and studies on polyarthritis.
The award ceremony has been during the Crafoord Days that are celebrated every year in Stockholm. At this important occasion Professor Kerr went with Professor Ruffini, Director of ICRANet and colleague of Kerr. "Is an honor for me to be here today to accompany Roy Kerr" – adfirmed Ruffini. “Starting from his discovery of a solution of Einstein's equations, I and John Archibald Wheeler introduced this solution in the description of physical and astrophysical processes attributing them the name of "Blacks Holes. It's a great pleasure participate, in these days, at a particularly intense scientific exchanges with most important astrophysicists in the world. Particular attention has been given to the interpretation of the data, about gravitational waves, announced by Ligo."
Here you can find see the video of award ceremony: http://bit.ly/1tetFbY

Roy Kerr, Professor of ICRANet: "An honor for me to receive the honorary citizenship of Pescara"
On June 6, during the Solemn City Council of Pescara, Roy Kerr, internationally renowned scientist and professor of the International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics Network, has Been awarded an honorary citizenship of Pescara.
Foto 2 "It's an honor for me to be here today with all of you and be considered, from today, your fellow citizen" - affirmed Roy Kerr.
"In my life e for my job i much travelled in the world, before in England, for a long time in Texas and to Pescara when Remo Ruffini founded ICRANet.
This is a city where I always great pleasure to return not only to work but for also many friendships that I have cultivated in this city.
I thank the Mayor and the entire City Council, for giving me this honour that confirms, even more, my link with this wonderful land."
Foto 2 At the ceremony were presents Professor Remo Ruffini, Director of ICRANet, the professors, lecturers and students. Professor Ruffini declaired: "Our work, our research has been known and recognized in the world. Roy Kerr is the diamond point of our center, and is a privilege to have him in our faculty. His mathematical work permitted to me and John Wheeler introducing the concept of "Black Hole" that, today, rules science and culture of our planet. Pescara is our headquarter, with the extraterritoriality’s state acquired thanks to Italian Government, is also a meeting place for researchers, scientists and young doctoral students from all over the world.
I'll work, with the collaboration of Roy Kerr, so that ICRANet may continue to increase and to develop in all offices: Pescara, Rome, Nice, Rio de Janeiro and Yerevan. Moreover we will work hard so ICRANet, important realty in this Italian region, continues to put in contact with citizens and institutions."
Here you can find see the video of ceremony during the Solemn City Council in Pescara: http://bit.ly/1Ucm4V3

"The territory of Pescara has the undisputed privilege of living in contact with the scientific culture, thanks to the seat of central coordination OF ICRANet. This is a circumstance that allows our city to constantly and deeply breath science and astrophysics. Every day these disciplines are enriched of the studies that illustrious scientists countinue for years under the sky of Pescara, to becoming the reference of international theories and discoveries. We decided to say a special thanks to one of them scientists, through the conferral of honorary citizenship of our city, for his extraordinary scientific activity. We want to concentrate in this gesture the appreciation for his passion, his researches and underline the message that love for science, in all its forms, find in ICRANet and in Pescara much more than a house: an engine in town renaissance, a nourishment for culture and science of our collectivity".

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