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Alexei Aksenov
Radiative transfer in relativistic plasma outfows and comptonization of photons near the photosphere

Carlos Argüelles
DM halos and super massive dark objects at sub-parsec scales:the nature of the DM particle

Vladimir Belinski
The Generic Friedman Big Bang for viscoelastic matter

Ilva Bobovnikov
Constraints on Z-Z’ mixing from W-W+ production at the ILC

Sergey Cherkas
Solution of the discrete Wheeler-DeWitt equation in the vicinity of the small scale factors and quantum mechanics in spaces of the negative constant curvature

Yu. D. Chernichenko
On relativization of the physical features strong interaction within the framework of the relativistic quasipotential approach

Marek Demianski
The Cosmological Constant – a brief review and new results

Grasiele B. dos Santos
Perturbations on a cosmological model with non-null Weyl tensor

Paul. I. Yefremov
Innermost stable circular orbits of spinning particles in Schwarzschild and Kerr metric

Sergey P. Fisenko
The Renaissance of the Becker–Döring–Zeldovich Theory of Nucleation Kinetics

Sergey M. Frolov
Controlled Detonation Combustion: Modeling and Experimentation

M.V. Galynskii
On the Physical Meaning of Sachs Form Factors and on the Violation of the Dipole Dependence of GE and GM on Q2

Valentin Gilewsky
Three ways to search for dark matter particles or Zelgovich anapole as new possibility for DM

Pavel Grinchuk
Combustion of random gas-solid suspension

Maxim Yu. Khlopov
Zeldovich's legacy in Cosmoparticle physics

Elena Kokoulina
Study of pp interactions at High Multiplicity at U-70

V. I. Kuvshinov
Colour Particles Propagation Through QCD Vacuum Media

Hendrik Ludwig
Collective electronic pulsation of compressed atoms in Thomas-Fermi model

Herman J. Mosquera Cuesta
Nonlinear electrodynamics: The missing trigger for the formation of astrophysical charged black holes in gravitational core collapse supernovae

O. S. Rabinovich
Filtration Combustion of Solid Fuels: Models and Stability Problem

Viktor Red'kov
Dirac particle in presence of magnetic charge in de Sitter Universe: exact solutions and transparency of the cosmological horizon
On geometry influence on the behavior of a quantum mechanical scalar particle with intrinsic structure in external magnetic and electric fields: analysis of Euclid, Lobachevsky, and Riemann geometries

A. P. Ryabushko
New int the Relativistic Theory of Motion of Bodies in Space

A. I. Sery
To the Problem of Compton Rotation of Рhotons in Strong Magnetic Field. Limit of total spin polarization of electrons

Ya Shnir
Broken baby Skyrmions

A. S. Smetannikov
High temperature hydrodynamics of explosion and shock wave phenomena

O. Solovtsova
Manifestation of quark-hadron duality in e+e- annihilation into hadrons

Alexei A. Starobinsky
Quantum-gravitational particle creation and generation of metric fluctuations in cosmology”

Eckhard Strobel
Fractional Effective Action at strong electromagnetic fields

L. M. Tomilchik
Scale invariance of the space-time conformal geometry and its possible observable manifestations

Ya. A. Tsalkou
Primordial Black Holes as a unique tool for early Universe exploration

A.V. Tsytrinov
Spin determination of the 125 GeV diphoton resonance with centre-edge asymmetry at LHC

Andreev Vasili
Constraints on Z-Z′ mixing from W pair production at the ILC and LHC

A.P. Voitovich
The Kinetics of Diffusing Components Reactions and the Distribution of Components over Distances between them

Yu Wang
GRB 130427A and SN 2013cq: An Induced Gravitational Collapse Event
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