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Dr. Donato Bini
Curriculum Vitae
Publication list

Donato Bini 

Position: Reasercher at the Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo, "M. Picone," CNR, via del Policlinico, 137, I-00161 ROMA (Italy).

Period covered: 1995 - today.



I Scientific Work

The main topic of my interest is General Relativity with special attention to the analysis and the interpretation of exact solutions of Einstein's field equations.

In detail I'm interested in spacetime splitting techniques, measurement process and the role of the observer in General Relativity, particle dynamics in certain fixed gravitational backgrounds (either test particles with scalar structure: the mass or particles with internal structure: spinning test particles and particles with quadrupolar structure), gravitational perturbations, gravitational waves.

I'm an expert user of MAPLETM tensor calculus package.




II Conferences and educational activities

Conferences and Other External Scientific Work

Since 1988 I have participated in all the international meetings of the Marcel Grossmann series as well as all the conferences of the ICRA- ICRANet series.


Work With Students

I'm following the studies and researches of I. Nava, supposed to get his degree in Physics in the next year 2008.


Diploma thesis supervision

I've been supervisor of the Diploma thesis of many students at the University of Rome I "La Sapienza": since 1995

G. Spoliti, A. Merloni, C. Germani, C. Cherubini, G. Miniutti, G. Cruciani, A. Geralico, M. De Mattia.


Other Teaching Duties

I'm Contract Professor of Physics since 2004 at the faculty of Medicine of the University Campus Biomedico, in Rome. Since 2007 I'm also Contract Professor of Physics at the Nursery School of the same university.


Work With Postdocs

I'm continuosly working with A Geralico, post-doc student at the University of Rome "La Sapienza."




III Service activities

Scientific collaboration with:

Prof. R. Ruffini (University of Rome, Italy and ICRANet);

Prof. R.T. Jantzen (Villanova Univesity, USA and ICRANet);

Prof. B. Mashhoon (University of Missouri-Columbia and ICRANet);

Prof. S. Filippi (University Campus Biomedico, Rome, Italy and ICRANet).

Dr. C. Cherubini (University Campus Biomedico, Rome, Italy and ICRANet).




Outside ICRANet

Scientific collaboration with:

Prof. F. de Felice (University of Padova, Italy);

Prof. G. Ferrarese (University of Rome, Italy);

Prof. L. Lusanna (INFN Florence, Italy);

Prof. A. Tartaglia (Politecnico of Turin, Italy)


V Other

I'm currently doing referee activity for a number of international journals in the field of General Relativity and I'm a reviewer for Mathreview.

For the years 2002-2004 I have been the leader of a collaboration project between the Italian Research Council (CNR) and the analogous institution in Venezuela.

Title of the project: Construction of 3d numerical models for the study of magnetohydrodynamics in gravitational physics and astrophysics.

For the years 2007-2008 I'm leader of young researchers projects of INDAM (Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica).

Title of the project: Light coordinates and spacetime topography.

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