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Surname Name Affiliation Title of talk Abstract
Hong Soon-Tae Ewha Womans University Warped products and the Reissner-Nordstrom-AdS black hole We studied a multiply warped product manifold associated with the Reissner-Nordstrom-AdS metric to investigate the physical properties inside black hole event horizons. Our results include various limiting geometries of the RN, Schwarzschild--AdS and Schwarzschild space-times, through the successive truncation procedure of parameters in the original curved space.
Kim Sung-Won Ewha Womans University Gravitational perturbation and quasi-normal mode for wormhole Recently the detections of the gravitational waves become one of the important issues. There are some candidates for the gravitational wave sources. As the unknown source that could not be identified by typical interpretations, we propose the waves from the perturbation of the exotic source which consists of exotic matter that violates the known energy conditions. From the results, the wave forms that characterize the sources and radiated energy from the source are found.
Kim Sang Pyo Kunsan National University Dynamical Theory of Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions and Topological Defect Formation in the Early Universe We review the current issues of nonequilibrium phase transitions, in particular, in the early Universe. Phse transitions cannot maintain thermal equilibrium and become nonequilibrium when the thermal relaxation time scale is bigger than the dynamical time scale. Such nonequilibrium phase transitions would have happened in certain evolution stages of the early Universe because the rapid expansion quenched matter fields. We discuss the physical implications of nonequilibrium phase transitions in the early Universe. In particular, it is shown that higher order quantum corrections decrease the density of topological defects.
Kim Hee-Il ARCSEC, Sejong University Extreme scattering events It is generally believed that extreme scattering events are attributed to the refraction of quasar lights by a AU-sized lens with free electrons but the nature of the lens is still a mystery. We investigate the extreme scattering events with various lens profiles and discuss possible relations with dark matter.
Lee Hyun Kyu Hanyang University Gravitational wave from a black hole - torus system at the center of GRB We consider the possible  gravitational wave radiation from a center of GRB,  which consists of a  rotating black hole and a torus.  We propose  gravitational waves  generated by  the precession of the torus.  Using the typical values of black hole mass, mass and radius of torus, one can expect gravitational wave production with frequencies roughly in the range of $10^2 $ up to $10^3$ Hz.   In the small wobble angle approximation, the amplitude is found to be not smaller than the  recent estimation for a precessing neutron star. The effect of the back reaction of gravitational radiation as well as the magnetic alignment process  is also  discussed.
Lee Hyung Won Inje University Schwarzschild solution with numerical relativity We studied the gauge conditions for initial value problems for numerical general relativity.
Song Doo Jong Korea Astronomy Observatory Distortion of Thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich Spectrum due to temperature structures of cluster of galaxies X-ray observations of some clusters of galaxies offer evidence that temperature maps have shown significance spatial temperature structures. We study the Boltzmann transport equation to calculate how the presence of intracluster medium temperature structures distort the thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich spectrum.
Yang Jongmann Ewha Womans University High Energy Experiments with AMS and CREAM Status of the AMS experiment which is the first high energy experiment on International Space Station and aims to find the signatures of the dark matter as a form of SUSY particle such as photino will be discussed. Also, CREAM experiment which is the most recent ultra high energy cosmic ray experiments on ULDB in 2005 will be discussed. For the CREAM experiment we will describe the current status of the Si sensor charge dector which has been developed, manufactured, and tested in our laboratory.
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