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  • Vladimir Belinski Generic solution with Friedman-like Big Bang
  • Gennady Bisnovatyi-Kogan “Outer parts of large galactic clusters in presence of a dark energy”
  • Sandip Chakrabarti “Black Hole Astrophysics and the contribution of Zeldovich”
  • Valery Chechetkin “History of modelling of supernovae explosion”
  • Artur Chernin "Dark energy in systems of galaxies"
  • Andrey Doroshkevich “Zeldovich nonlinear approximation”
  • Maxim Khlopov “Zeldovich's legacy in Cosmoparticle physics”
  • Mikhail Sazhin Search for cosmic strings
  • Nikolai Shakura “Wind Accretion: Theory and Observations”
  • Alexei Starobinsky "Quantum-gravitational particle creation and generation of metric fluctuations in cosmology”
  • Lev TitarchukX-ray spectral index correlations vs mass accretion rate in neutron star and black hole X-ray binaries in their different spectral states. Theory vs observations
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