2nd Italian-Pakistani Workshop on Relativistic Astrophysics Print E-mail
July 8-10, 2009 - Pescara, Italy

Following the scientific success of the Firts Italian-Pakistani workshop on Relativistic Astrophysics held in Lecce (Italy) in the summer or 2007 (see here for the "hystorical" web-page inspection), a second meeting has been organized in order to make scientists of different countries meet and discuss on recent aspects of theoretical and observational Relativistic Astrophysisc.

The Second Italian-Pakistani Workshop will be in the beautiful town of Pescara as a result of the joint efforts of the Department of Physics of the University of Salento (Italy), INFN, the Centre for Advanced Mathematics and Physics of the National University of Sciences & Technology (Pakistan) and the International Center for Relativistic Physics (ICRANET).

The workshops follow the signature of an Agreement between the Department of Physics, University of Salento and the Centre for Advanced Mathematics & Physics of the National University of Sciences & Technology of Rawalpindi aiming of promoting scientific and academic cooperation between the parties. Initially the collaboration will concentrate in the area of relativistic astrophysics and that's the aim of this workshop.

Other scientists interested in these topics are also welcome to register, partecipate and give their own contribution to the Workshop.

This workshop is dedicated to the memory of John Archibald Wheeler who left on April, 2008.

For further information see: http://www.fisica.unisalento.it/iwra/index.php



  • Physics Dept. of University of Salento
  • National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN)
  • National University of Sciences and Technology - Pakistan 
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