Electron-positron pairs in physics, astrophysics and cosmology Print E-mail

This research program devotes to studies of quantum field theory and its applications to particle physics, astro-particle physics, black hole physics and cosmology.
The fundamental physics of strong QED theory and its phenomenologies in the fields of electron-positron pair productions and nonlinear electrodynamics, that are applied to study black hole physics, laser physics and astrophysics.

Group leader: Prof. She-Sheng Xue

Group members (since 2003):

C. L. Bianco (ICRANet, Italy), J. A. Rueda (ICRANet, Italy), R. Ruffini (ICRANet, Italy), G. Vereshchagin (ICRANet, Italy)

External collaborators:
C. Argulles (University of Argentina, Argentina), M. Abdi (Isfahan University, Iran), D. Bini (CNR, Italy), D. Bégué, (Max Planck Institute, Germany), E. Bavarsad (Kashan University, Iran), C. Cherubini (Univ. Campus Biomedico, Italy), P. Chen (Stanford Univ. USA), F. Fraschetti (Ariozona Univ, USA), M. Haghighat (Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran), T. Hayashinaka, (Toyko University, Japan), W.-B. Han (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, China), H. Kleinert (Free University of Berlin, Germany), S. P. Kim (University of Kunsan, South Korea), H. W. Lee (University of Pusan, South Korea), G. Mathews (Center for Astrophysics, University of Notre Dame, USA), N. Mavromatos (King’s college London, England), R. Moradi (ICRANet, Sapienza, Italy), R. Mohammadi (Research Institute of Advance Study, Iran), S. Mahmoudi (Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran), A. Di Piazza (Max Planck Inst, Germany), V. Popov (ITEP, Russia), J. Rafelski (University of Arizona, USA), C. Stahl (Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Valparaso, Chile), I. Siutsou (ICRANet - Minsk Belorussia), J. Salmonson (Livemore National Lab. , USA), S. Tizchang (IPM, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran), S. Shakeri (Isfahan University of Technology, Iran), L. Vitagliano (University of Salerno, Italy), Y. B. Wu (Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg, Germany), Yu Wang (ICRANet, Sapienza Univ., Italy), C.-J. Xia (ITP, CAS and Zhejiang Univ. , China).
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