Self Gravitating Systems, Galactic Structures and Galactic Dynamics Print E-mail

The investigation of the gravitational equilibrium of self-gravitating masses as initiated by Newton, during several centuries has been impressively extended both from the classical and the relativistic point of view.

Within this conceptual framework, the topics studied by the research group scientists are:
• General theory of relativistic and non relativistic self gravitating fluids
• Self gravitating systems: analytic solutions
• Self gravitating systems: numerical Solutions
• Self gravitating systems: acoustic induced geometries
• Relativistic MHD

Group leader: Prof. Simonetta Filippi (ICRANet and University Campus Bio-Medico, Italy)

Group members: Prof. Christian Cherubini (ICRANet and University Campus Bio-Medico, Italy)

Previous members: Federico Cipolletta (ICRA University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy), Rahim Moradi (ICRANet, Pescara, Italy), University Campus Bio-Medico, Rome, Italy), Alonso Sepulveda (Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin Colombia), Jorge Zuluaga (Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin Colombia).
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