Classical Aspects of General Relativity Print E-mail

The following research areas are of interest for this research line:

• analysis and interpretation of exact solutions of Einstein’s field equations;

• spacetime splitting techniques, measurement process and the role of the observer in General Relativity;

• particle dynamics in certain gravitational backgrounds (either test particles with scalar structure: the mass, or particles with internal structure: spinning test particles and particles with multipolar structure, quadrupolar and beyond);

• gravitational perturbations and gravitational self-force;

• gravitational waves, with applications to binary systems and effective one-body model.

Group leader: Donato Bini (Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo “M. Picone,” CNR, Rome

Group members: Robert Jantzen (Villanova University, PA, USA)

Previous members: C. Cherubini, F. de Felice, A Geralico, R. Ruffini
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